About us

salonMegaris Beauté hair salon was established in 1999 at Manhasset, New York in the same location you can find us today. For more than 20 years we are doing business in the same area. 

Our salon offers a variety of services like hair styling, coloring, straightening, extensions, makeup and spa services. We are also specialized in any kind of important and special events and occassions, like weddings, proms, sweet 16, social and professional events.

During those years Megaris Beauté have succeeded to be one of the top and most authentic hair salons in New York area. The combined experience of the owners and the professional services we offer made us famous among the road. Well known fashion models, movie and TV actors, football and baseball players are few of our famous clients.

Megaris Beauté believes that styling and coloring is something that you have to follow with all the time. We constently getting new training and experiment to creative and inspirational styles and coloring from the world's top masters. French techniques for updos, top of the line extensions, unique haircuts and wonderful results in coloring are just few of  the suggested services our clients brag about.

"We are dedicated to our clients and to how to make them feel awesome all the time"